We work and live in Gunnislake, Cornwall, England. In 1997 we felt that the language software on the market varied from just adequate to downright poor and teachers and students were always saying that they needed something better.

We are a partnership between a language expert and a computer expert and with the advice of many teachers, language advisers, students and friends, we bring together these skills and produce software which we think will be genuinely useful to both teachers and students, whether they are at school/college or at home. Our customers seem to think we have succeeded!

Bill Beastall has had experience of computers in all shapes and sizes since BBG (before Bill Gates). He is fluent in computer languages, less so in others…

If you’re hesitating about buying from us, please don’t. We’re genuinely committed to providing quality and service and few can beat us on value for money: our overheads are low, we don’t waste money on unnecessary gimmicks, cartoon characters and flashy graphics. Support a small rural business!