Let’s face it, you’re on a mission to lose weight. Then you’ve probably tried a number of methods to get rid of those ugly and unwanted extra pounds. But we’re all human and have certain limitations. We often find that the traditional ways of approaching a weight loss regimen may not work for us.

For the most part, trying to lose weight by reducing our daily intake of calories and increasing our physical output by increasing our amount of exercise just isn’t a “sexy” way to lose weight.

Kick those miracle shortcuts

Every time you turn on the television you’re likely to be bombarded with diet commercials touting the next big thing in weight loss. All of those images make it even more difficult for us to avoid the “miracle” shortcuts. And so, turn to something much more traditional for getting our weight under control.

With that understood, we need to look beyond the glitzy presentations. And consider that we might be better served by something that is very traditional for weight control. Instead of trying to “melt away the pounds” with the latest diet supplement,

Why not attempt to lose weight fasting?

According to a study presented at an American Heart Association conference by researchers in Utah, fasting could possibly even reduce the risk of heart disease. While there more information may be needed to validate the beneficial effects of fasting on heart health, it should come as no surprise that a proper plan of meal control could mean that the average person can lose weight fasting.

Does intermittent fasting work?

Fasting has been around for a long, long time. As I said, it isn’t exactly a sexy way to lose weight, but it certainly might prove to be very effective for many people. The fact is, no amazing supplement or miracle pill alone I know of is going to be as effective at helping us reduce our intake of calories than simply taking control of our own diets and meal planning and simply cutting back on the amount of food we eat. Read about illegal fat burner!

For some, it is difficult to cut back significantly on an individual meal basis, but they can have success when they lose weight fasting by skipping meals on a pre-planned schedule. For instance, some choose to skip a meal every other day rather than to reduce their overall caloric intake at all meals.

Clearly it is possible to lose weight fasting in this way, because for some dieters it may give them a psychological advantage over simply eating smaller meals at every meal time. Read about green tea benefits

The Effective Solution

If you want to lose weight fasting, you’ll first want to consult with a medical professional. This isĀ  to ensure that your basic dietary needs are met and that you’re losing weight in a safe and healthy manner.

Choosing to take advantage of an experienced medical opinion to help you plan your progress has advantages. You’re going to make certain that your weight loss program will be as effective as it can be while protecting your overall fitness and health. Remember that proper nutrition is essential to a healthy life, and making major changes to your eating habits shouldn’t be done without professional advice.

Taking L-Glutamine for IBS Symptoms

I’ve decided to try a new tactic for my persistent IBS symptoms, since none of the other medications I’ve taken have worked. I heard about a supplementĀ  I can take called L-Glutamine.

It’s not a drug, it’s just an amino acid supplement. Hopefully I won’t see as many side effects taking this as I have with other treatments that I’ve tried for my IBS.

It’s supposed to help with IBS because it soothes intestinal tissue and also helps with the frequency and intensity of intestinal spasms. Those spasms can be really painful, so I’m hoping it works for me.

Apparently it also boosts immune cell production in intestinal tissue. This means that I’ll have less inflammation and lower chance of infections. All of this spells better symptom control for me.

I ran it by my gastro doctor and they said there isn’t any harm in trying it out. I’m not on any medications that would interact with an amino acid supplement. Of course, if I start having any kind of serious side effect, I’m supposed to talk to him right away about it.

About Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

I’m really hoping this supplement will help reduce my symptoms. I’ve been really uncomfortable lately and it’s starting to affect my job.